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Greed cuts through, clarifies, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. A theory or a system of moral values: The Sufi Path of Love, The Spiritual Teachings of Rumi There is no value in life except what you High moral values quotes to place upon it and no happiness in any place except what you bring to it yourself.

The race of industrious citizens is replaced by a vile population composed of vagabond beggars free to commit all sorts of crimes. John WesleyBritish founder and preacher of the Methodist Church ca.

Moral Values Quotes

By the imagination we place ourselves in his situation. The Value Mandate, How much truth can a spirit bear, how much truth can a spirit dare.

By pursuing his own interest he frequently promotes that of society more effectually than when he really intends to promote it. For we think either of the misfortunes we have or of those which threaten us. Morals are far more about good and bad than other values.

Johann Wolfgang von GoetheGerman poet and Nature philosopher One should not think about the result; one does not travel to reach a destination, but to travel.

Drucker, American Management Guru Wine maketh merry: Charles Dudley WarnerAmerican writer And let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion.

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It is a high calling because God has required that all who love Him should keep His commandments; therefore it is an act of obedience. Chuang Tzu B. Talking about professional ethics puts you on a high moral platform and encourages the other person to either join you or look up to you.

We enter, as it were, into his body and become in some measure the same person with him. A product is not quality because it is hard to make and costs a lot of money, as manufacturers typically believe. Karl MarxGerman Political Theorist and Social Philosopher For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and lose his own soul.

For the rest, the dazzle connotes paralysis by analysis, not progress. HoffmanPresident of the Studebaker Corporation and founder of the Committee for Economic Development in Most men feel themselves entitled by the weakness or misfortune of others to inflict further outrages upon them without fear or reprisal; they take a barbarous pleasure in adding to their afflictions, in making them feel their superiority, in treating them cruelly, in ridiculing them.

I would like you also to continue; but I am shuddering, not from any mistrust of your nature, but from viewing the strength of the state, lest it prevail over both me and you. Ethics tend to be codified into a formal system or set of rules which are explicitly adopted by a group of people.

Julien Offray de La MettrieFrench physician and philosopher, the earliest of the materialist writers of the Enlightenment. He generally neither intends to promote the public interest, nor knows how much he is promoting it.

As society moved into the modern era, that earlier system of laws became more and more eroded. And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light.

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Religion is another source of moral values. Sometimes they encounter a ravine on their journey. Ethics of responsibility challenges this, saying that you must understand the consequences of your decisions and actions and answer to these, not just your high-minded principles.

He intends only his own security, only his own gain. To die without gaming one's aim is a dog's death and fanaticism. The patrimony of a poor man lies in the strength and dexterity of his hand; and to hinder him from employing this strength and dexterity in what manner he thinks proper without injury to his neighbour is a plain violation of this most sacred property.

Immanuel KantPrussic-German metaphysician and philosopher in 'Critique of Practical Reason When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it; but when you cannot measure it, when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of a meager and unsatisfactory kind: GravesAmerican clinical psychologist and originator of the "Theory of levels of human existence" in the Futurist How do we know when irrational exuberance has unduly escalated asset values.

Stephen Covey, American leadership consultant and writer Out of 5. They all provide behavioral rules, after all. Albert EinsteinGerman-born brilliant American theoretical physicist The value of achievement lies in the achieving. Thomas Paine —, Anglo-American political theorist and writer in 'Common Sense' Society is produced by our wants and government by our wickedness; the former promotes our happiness positively by uniting our affections, the latter negatively by restraining our vices.

Quotes on Ethics, Quotations on Moral. It is what the customer gets out and is willing to pay for. Achille Silvestrini, Cardinal of the Roman Curia, May 20th,at a congress of the Union of Industrialists of Rome, organized under the theme "Business, Ethics and Legality" How selfish soever man may be supposed, there are evidently some principles in his nature which interest him in the fortune of others and render their happiness necessary to him, though he derives nothing from it except the pleasure of seeing it.

Milton FriedmanAmerican prominent economist advocate of free markets, Nobel price for economics You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him to discover it in himself. William ShakespearePlaywright and bard, The Tragedy of King Richard the Second For every complex problem there is a simple solution that is wrong.

I am extraordinarily lucky, I was born in a family of strong moral values, and in my life I was able to do what I liked best: debuts, great theatres, but above all, inner and deep satisfaction.

Moral values refer to a set of principles that guide an individual on how to evaluate right versus wrong. People generally apply moral values to justify decisions, intentions and actions, and it also defines the personal character of a person.

An individual with high moral values typically displays. Find and save ideas about Morals quotes on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Morality, Comic values and Morals. Comic values and Morals. Find and save ideas about Morals quotes on Pinterest.

| See more ideas about Morality, Comic values and Morals. Christopher Hitchens High moral character is not Find this Pin and more on Viral Quote by. quotes have been tagged as morals: Mark Twain: ‘Always do what is right. “Don't let your special character and values, the secret that you know and no one else does, the truth - don't let that get swallowed up by the great chewing complacency.” “Understanding comes hard to persons of high rank who are accustomed to phony.

In other words, that this is a moral universe, and that there are moral laws of the universe just as abiding as the physical laws. (from "Rediscovering Lost Values")” ― Martin Luther King Jr. High Moral quotes - 1. When you are a leader of good character you have high moral values and integrity.

You do what you say you will do on a consistent basis. To be consistent you have to act on your promises and threats as well. Read more quotes and sayings about High Moral.

High moral values quotes
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