Genesis paper trimmer

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Reply Cancel ColleenApril 6, - 6: After reading about the tonic product, I purchased the tonic cutter, the 6 inch one. The HT radio has a 6 position switch, and hence can have a maximum of 6 RF channels but is only capable of four coding schemes that are shared among all channels.

Mine looks just like the picture above, complete with the edgelight.

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The folks at tonic stand by their product and for me, they were super helpful. I would highly recommend it even tho it is quite expensive my husband bought me mine. The cutting blade is anchored on a set of rails so it doesn't get squirrelly and move sideways unexpectedly.

Plus, the cost of the blades is ridiculous and they just went up in price from 4. I have the large one and LOVE it. Will pass it on. I bought them before I purchased a very huge amount of border punches from Fiskars and Martha Stewart…lol.

In another manual its a different part number - change the Q04 on the end to Q I believe there are workarounds for this on YouTube - I just haven't been annoyed enough to figure that out yet. The 6" mark is right where the unit folds, so it's hard to line up correctly.

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There are four perimeter screws plus three screw on the battery contacts. I can definately recommend it just like you are doing Becca. The blade is still sharp after 7 months of regular use.

Would love to see a picture of how you place the triangle to get the straight lines. Shortly after it was discontinued I saw some on ebay bid up to ridiculous prices because fans knew they're not available any more. Glue the paper onto the spools. I thought it was because of my arthritis.

According to the RSS manual, the available combinations are: I found that my trusty trimmer would stop working well after a month or two and the edges would be jagged, it would stop cutting through photo paper, or cuts would start looking crooked even though I swore I had lined up the paper properly.

Joanie Reply Cancel Karen April 6, - For Augustthe kit was a set of beautiful floral greeting cards. And these were the cards that we made — yes, we each made 10 cards. And I love them. This was the only product I found that was like it but the low price made me skeptical.

One thing I really like about the Cricut is the little space it takes up, as the ruler swings out to accommodate large paper. Vintage and one-of-a-kind items can make your projects more interesting and unique.

We have paper ephemera and vintage metal items. Paper trimmer tuneup with Frenchie. Find this Pin and more on Cards/Stamping by Sue Hebert. Hello Stampers Well today it’s all about your paper trimmer. After many use it’s like a. Jul 04,  · Genesis Paper Trimmer/Bonnie's Best Art Tools The same message has been on the website for a couple of years about being out of stock.

I was able to add a a guide bar to my cart, but other individual parts are not available due to a parts issue according to a message in my cart.

The Dahle 18E Vantage Series Trimmer offers accuracy for office or domestic projects, thanks to a machine-ground edge that can remove thin slivers, as well as a clamp that prevents paper from shifting.

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It’s so simple. Replacement nylon cutter bushing for Honeywell-Nikor or Nikor Safety Trimmer. (Now marketed as Genesis paper cutter). Bushing easily fits into body of cutter .

Genesis paper trimmer
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